Following the Blood Trail

Sat, September 10, 2016 7:44 AM | Kim Potts (Administrator)

Where do I even begin to talk about all the amazing things God did this summer at CTO Missouri Ultimate Summer Camps. We had almost 50 kids and 24+ volunteers that where "Following the Blood Trail" this summer. We studied the life of Jesus Christ and how He followed the blood trail straight to the cross for you and me. Each boy realized that we all tend to get on the wrong trail at times, but with the help of God in our lives, we all can get back to "Following the Blood Trail" that leads straight to Jesus Christ. God is so good! 

I haven't even mentioned the 11 hogs and 10 rams that where harvested or the countless fish that where caught and the thousands of rounds of ammo that were shot while target practicing. I could go on and on of all the fun things each camper got to experience this summer. But more that anything, each camper and volunteer grew into an deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and was asked the simple but deep question of: "Are you following the Blood Trail?"

Click this you tube link below to watch some of our campers committing to "Following the Blood Tail" through believers baptism.   

A special thanks to Rafter F Hunts, RS Hunts, Buffalo River Lodging, Duane Hada Fly Fishing Guiding Service, Bouse Family Farm and all the volunteers and financial supporters that made 2016 CTO Missouri Ultimate Summer Camps a true success. Thanks for helping "Guide the Next Generation to Christ through the Outdoors!"

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